Parking Infringement Payment


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Why are the parking restrictions at the airport so strict?

Parking restrictions are in place to ensure the safety and security of all visitors and provide for the efficient operation of the airport. Security requirements at all Australian airports have been upgraded since recent terrorist attacks around the world and this includes controlling access by motor vehicles.

Can I stop in a bus zone if there are no buses waiting?

No. Vehicles parking and stopping in bus zones create an ever-increasing problem for bus drivers pulling into and out of these bays. The danger created by buses forced to double park and manoeuvre into and out of an inadequate space is of great concern. You should note that it is irrelevant how long your vehicle remains stationary in the area - simply stopping the vehicle in a bus zone constitutes an offence.

What if I parked in a disabled parking space because my passenger had injured their leg and needed assistance?

It is an offence to park in an area designated for people with disabilities without the correct authorisation

What if my passenger’s flight or baggage was delayed and I was waiting for them to arrive?

There are no designated pick up areas at the International Terminal outside the car park facilities. Domestic Terminals ( T2 and T3) - Sydney Airport’s T2 passenger pick-up area has been relocated to provide more spaces, more free pick-up time and less congestion. The new passenger pick-up area is located across Keith Smith Avenue from T2 and across Shiers Avenue from T3. It will provide space for 51 vehicles with a free 15-minute pick-up period. Drivers will be able to leave their vehicles unattended.

The change will benefit passengers using T2 – the Domestic Terminal used by Virgin Blue, Jetstar, Tiger Airways, Qantaslink, Regional Express (REX) and other regional carriers. T3 Qantas Domestic passesngers may use the pick up facility. There is no change to arrangements at T1 (International Terminal) or T3 (Qantas Domestic).

Why am I allowed to drop off passengers on Departures but not able to collect passengers in the same area?

Sydney Airport is a very busy place with more than 90,000 passengers a day arriving and departing. To minimise congestion traffic has to managed.

If people try to pick-up in the drop off area, it causes congestion and can significantly inconvenience departing passengers.

To minimise delays for everyone, drop offs and pick-ups are performed in different areas. At the domestic terminals, there are clearly signposted pick-up areas. At the International Terminal, all private vehicle pick-ups must be completed in the car park. A 15-minute free period in the International Terminal car park is provided.

What if I own the vehicle but I was not driving at the time of the offence or I have recently sold the vehicle?

If you receive a parking infringement notice but were not the driver or you did not own the vehicle at the time of the offence complete a statutory declaration stating the name and address of the driver or owner of the vehicle, and email it to

How much is a penalty unit?

A penalty unit is $210 and set by the Commonwealth Crimes Act.

If I want to appeal an infringement what do I do?

All appeals must be in writing and either posted to Infringement Notice Dept, GPO Box 828, Sydney, NSW, 2000 or emailed to